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~ Wildlife Artists ~ Page 3 ~

Locke, Myrtice and Boni - LocWolf - Dedicated to the native and southwestern style wildlife and animal paintings on deerskin.
Mathios, Peter K. - Award winning original paintings and limited edition prints from nationally acclaimed bird/wildlife artist.
McLean, Robert - South African born artist, living in Europe. African giants painted in vibrant colors, wildlife and landscapes.
Mesick, Jack - Working primarily in pencil, he creates realistic drawings of his experiences in the woods around his home.
Mosher, Carl J. - Original oils on canvas and slate, framed or unframed. Having grown up in rural Northern Indiana he depicts natural scenes and wildlife from a "country boy's" point of view.
Murry, Dee Dee - A nationally known wildlife artist, her highly detailed acrylics, oils and pencils of wildlife and pets have earned many awards.
Musgrave Doss, Brenda - A great love for the outdoors, originals, and limited editions.
Myers, Robert - Freedom Wildlife Art - Beautiful quality prints of wildlife, as seen through the eyes of Oklahoma wildlife artist. His drawings and paintings are colorful, vibrant, and very detailed.
Nevala, Johannes - With pen, sketchbook and telescope he catches impressions of the life of the seashore and its birds.
Pace, Anthony - Exclusive limited edition prints, he paints in all mediums but prefers the freshness and sparkle of water-colour.
Paluh, Jack - Wildlife art; Artful dodger, black powder gobbler, instintive aim, and tending ritual.
Pattee, Francois - Specializes in nature and urban wildlife, and renders nature "as is" even if he sometimes stretches his definition of nature to include urban environement.
Pierce, Dylan Scott - Watercolor, mixed media, and colored pencil, wildlife artwork of child prodigy.
Raver, Kelly Ann - Parrotgirl Prints - Nature prints, but not limited to parrots. Commissioned work available.
Rigby, Adrian C. - Original wildlife art and bird art, using as reference animals and birds seen at wildlife preservation centers and others found free ranging in their native habitats. Also titanic and aviation paintings.
Ripley, Dave - Western Canadian landscape paintings originals and limited edition prints in acrylics, watercolors and mixed media of Rocky Mountain Jasper National Park and northern wilderness scenery.
Roncka, Gene - Artist of Memories - Wildlife, animals, scenes, and landscape paintings.
Rosato, Nick - Features the paintings of wildlife artist, including deer, birds, animals, scenery and native Americans.
Scott, Bernard - Paintings and prints, his subjects range from whales and wolves, to butterflies and songbirds.
Sharrock, Joan - Original paintings, posters and prints of tigers, big cats and other wildlife from Africa, Asia and North America.
Shepherd, David - Gallery of limited editions and originals.
Siegrist, Wes and Rachelle - Reflections of Nature's Details - Features miniature and full size wildlife paintings.
Soos, Heather - Nature in Art - An exhibit of her paintings, drawings and relief carvings of wildlife.
Stribbling, David - Original oil paintings of wildlife subjects by British artist, very detailed.
Thew, Allan - Wildlife in Oils and fine art prints. Birds, mammals, wetland creatures, and scenery in the western U.S.
Thomas, Susan - Original oil paintings and four-color offset lithographs of wildlife, seascapes and landscapes of the Florida Keys and Key West.
Thompson, Gregory - Original wildlife art in greeting cards, hand painted ornaments, t-shirts and sweatshirts.
Vyas, Rahul - Wildlife art prints.
Watson, Allison - Earth works and the Art of Nature - Landscape artist, contemporary artist in south eastern United States have the beauty of Florida's wetlands, rivers, and the Everglades for inspiration.
Wells, Ronnie - Original paintings, limited edition prints, and bronze sculptures by wildlife artist.
Wilk, Irena - Pencil sketches, watercolors, and colored pencil sketches. Canadian artist specializing in wildlife.
Winters, R. - Original watercolours and landscape paintings (large and small) of birds, mammals, pets, Dutch and Irish landscapes. The animals are featured in striking portraits or are set in their natural habitat. The landscapes are portrayed in the typical atmosphere that struck the artist as special.